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The local Real Estate market is doing extremely well. Now some areas are obviously going to do a little better than others, but over all most of the communities in Northwest Indiana are posting great numbers. Now, I did a brief comparison for price per square foot for a few communities in the area. I feel like the price per foot is the best average to give since it’s breaking it down a little more than a median or average home price. People could be selling smaller homes or bigger homes but the price per foot is a little harder to tamper with. Now this is not including foreclosures as well as this is only for Single Family homes. Now this information is for only homes sold in this time frame, as well as this does not include all the new construction homes sales that is done outside of the MLS ( multiple listing service).

Average price per foot for a single family home From Jan 1st to April 16th 2016 vs. 2017

  • Portage
    2016 $81.77 Vs. 2017 $87.21 = 6.3% Increase
  • Munster
    2016 $102.78 Vs. 2017 $106.77 = 3.84% Increase
  • Valparaiso
    2016 $96.40 Vs. 2017 $100.50 = 4% Increase
  • Crown Point
    2016 $101.44 Vs. 2017 $106 = 4.3% Increase
  • Chesterton
    2016 $101.74 Vs. 2017 $102.02 = .03% Increase 🙁
  • St. John
    2016 $111.31 Vs. 2017 $115.25 = 3.4% Increase
  • Highland
    2016 $91.40 Vs. 2017 $92.97 = 1.7% Increase
  • Dyer
    2016 $110.24 Vs. 2017 $100.15 = 9.2% Decrease?
  • Porter
    2016 $88.14 Vs. 2017 $96.16 = 8.3% Increase!
  • Burns Harbor
    2016 $123.44 Vs. $118.38 = 4.1% Decrease?

If there is an area you would like for me to search for you please don’t hesitate to contact me directly. I’m waiting for your call.

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