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Thinking about buying a home?

Thinking about buying a home?


My name is Brent Wright. If you’re reading this than you are probably thinking about buying a home! If so, you don’ t need to think about anything. Well, that’s not 100% true but you really do need to pull the trigger and purchase that home. Now the reason I say that is because interest rates are extremely low and when you rent a home you are literally throwing away money. Now in some cases you do need to rent, however so many renters can actually buy even though they don’t think they can. That’s what I am here for, to help you and guide you into purchasing a home. You can literally save hundreds of dollars a month when you purchase a home, and don’t forget appreciation and also principal paid on the loan. Some people say well I’ll only be here for 2 years so I’ll just rent, well you can’t guarantee anything so you want to plan for the long run incase it turns into something like that.

Example 1. you rent a 100K home for $1000 a month for 24 months = $24,000 out of your pocket.

Now for the buying example

Example 2. you buy a 100K home with $3,500 down your paying about 503.39 per month but then with taxes and insurance about $636.72 so your saving about $360 a month. Now do the rest of the math. You can write off interest, taxes and insurance on taxes, plus the home should be worth about 106K in 2 years as long as you take care of it. Plus you paid the principal down to about 92K. So you can sell the home you have a 14K difference, plus you saved about $8640 which equals a total of  $22640 in savings, plus don’t forget all the tax savings for owning instead of renting. So your going to save about 25K in 2 years if you own instead of rent. Than whatever fee’s to sell so your more at a $20,000 difference from buying a home compared to renting a home. So the home is really only going to cost you about $4,000 over the term of 2 years.

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Brent has stuck by my side through the whole process. If I want to see a house, immediately he sets up a time and we are looking at the house. You can always get ahold of him. He is very knowledgeable too!


Brent is an amazing person, He helps in any way he can to his fullest! He isn't just doing his job, he goes above and beyond. With any question given, he has an answer every time and even if he did not know the answer, he would do whatever research needed so... (more)

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Brent is very hardworking. Best realestate agent to have. He showed me tons of homes in my price range and offered his expert opinion and background of the neighborhoods we were in.

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