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9 Things to do when you’re ready to sell your home

Selling a home isn’t just throwing a sign up in the yard and putting it on the MLS “Multiple Listing Service”. There is some work on the sellers end to get the maximum dollar amount for the home. So here are 9 things to do when selling your home!


#1. Lighten up the home! What I mean by this is if you have a dark color paint on the walls like a red, dark blue, or something different like pink. It would definitely help to paint the walls with a lighter color that is warm and inviting. Something that is a neutral color so that potential buyers will say “This is move in ready”. Even though they may not love the color it is something they can live with because everything will match the color and they can always paint or change the colors later. This is extremely important in smaller spaces like bathrooms, small bedrooms and etc.


#2. Repairs if needed! With this I am referring to things like if you have holes in the wall to have them patched and painted. If you have a door that is lose on the hinges then definitely get that working properly and etc. Now there are a few things that are must do’s. If your roof is really old and beyond the life expectancy then you will want to get that replaced. Reason why is because a roof is a necessity in selling a home for FHA and VA buyers. Which is about 30 to 50 percent of all buyers depending on your market place. The roof must have 2 years of life left for the FHA or VA loans. No missing shingles and if they are curled then it will have to be replaced in order for the buyer to get financing. Now a new roof will not make the house worth that much more. Lefts face it you can’t sell a home without a roof, but what it will do is make it more appealing to the buyer and with this it will help you get a higher dollar amount. Also another thing is if the windows are cracked. That is something that would have to be fixed for a FHA or VA buyer.


#3 Curb Appeal!   You will definitely want to have a little curb appeal. If you don’t have anything in the front then definitely put something in. Even if it’s just a block outline with some stone and bushes. You don’t want to go too far or overboard because some people might not want to maintain all of that, but low maintenance bushes and plants will make the home look nicer, inviting and give it that curb appeal. You will definitely want the grass cut and trimmed all the time so that when people are out driving around and they see the sign in the yard they are attracted to the outside of the home. People usually think if the outside looks good then the inside will as well. Curb appeal is the first thing that gets the attention of your buyers. It is your attention getter in your speech. All the marketing in the world will not get people in your home if it doesn’t attract them through the advertising.


#4. Your pets! Let me start off by saying I love animals. My dog is my best friend, well and my wife. With that being said not everyone is an animal lover. Some people have allergies to animals or might just not love animals at all. So you will definitely want to pick up toys, food dishes and the pets hair if they shed. You can leave them in a kennel but it’s always better if you take them to a friends or a family members, home while showings are going on. I’ve shown a few homes where we thought the dog was going to break through the kennel so we didn’t even look at the home. We went in and were caught off guard completely. This dog was a larger dog and that kennel was smashing around. So definitely if you have a larger animal like this take them to a friend or family member’s house. If people don’t see the home they can’t and will not buy the home.


#5. Your personal items! Less is more when selling a home. With this being said I don’t mean to get rid of everything in the house. If you have a lot of things in the closets to where they are packaged in tight or your storage area is completely stuffed. You will want to get it out of the home and maybe in a storage facility. It’s hard for buyers a lot of times to look past everything and see the room for what it really is. You only want maybe half of the closet to be full. You want them to know it’s a storage area under the stairs but you want them to see the space not all your things. Less is more when selling a home. If you have a book shelf you want the book shelf to have your books on it. Not your books on the shelf and all over the room. Picking up the home and getting the clutter out of the home will definitely make any space seem so much larger. Same with clothes. If there dirty you want them in the basket not overflowing the basket and all over the floor. You never know who will come in the home. You want them to be able to see everything from the floors to the walls. So picture frames and family photos should come down and the holes should be patched as well. This is great to do when you’re painting.


#6 the Kitchen! This is an extremely important part of the home. The kitchen is usually a center point or a big selling point of the home. A lot of people spend a good amount of time in the kitchen. You want everything to be working properly, clean and things off the counter. The less you have on the counter the better off you are. You want the potential buyers to visualize there things on the counter and in the space.


#7 Clean!   You want the home to be clean. The bathrooms, bedrooms, kitchen and etc. You don’t want someone to come into the home think wow I wonder what it looks like when it’s not for sale. This will make them think that you don’t care or take care of the home.


#8 always be ready for showings! You always want the home to be ready for a showing. Even though you ask for 24 hour notice there are a lot of times that the buyer just noticed the home and really wants to get in. Also buyers might be coming in from out of town and the realtor is trying to schedule multiple homes at 1 time. If the buyer can’t see the home the specific day they might not be able to come back and see the home. You always want the home ready for a showing and be prepared for last minute showing request.


#9 Price it right! You want to price the home at the right price in the beginning. This is the most important thing to do. If you over price the home then most buyers will just pass through it in their search and not think twice. The 1 thing I always here is I want negotiating room. I agree to a point. Let’s say a home worth 150K. You don’t want to price it at 175K or even 165K. A good start would be 150K or maybe 155K. See the thing is, is you want people to see the home. The more buyers the more chances to have multiple offers. A home still has to appraise but if the appraiser knows oh by the way the comps came in at 150 but we’re in contract for 155 and we had 3 offers. More than likely it will still appraise out. I have sold many homes with multiple offers because they are priced right. Remember as a seller you don’t have to accept anything lower than the list price.




So if you are thinking of selling your home I would like to meet with you. Even if you are not in my service area I can find you a top tear agent in your local market place.


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