What to do when selling your home!

Selling a home isn’t just throwing a sign up in the yard and putting it on the MLS “Multiple Listing Service”. There is some work on the sellers end to get the maximum dollar amount for the home. So, here are 9 things to do when selling your home!

#1. Neutral and Bright! What I’m referring to is having your walls a neutral color and touched up when you’re looking to sell. You also want lighter colors, so it makes each room feel a little larger. You never want a buyer to feel claustrophobic in a home you are hoping they’ll buy. In most cases sellers don’t need to paint unless they have a room that is really personalized. The goal is to market to the majority.

#2. Repairs if needed! Just as it’s written. Make those little repairs if they’re needed. I’m not saying put an addition on or remodel the whole house, but if something is broke, it’s better to fix it before it goes live on the market. You always want a buyer to feel as if it’s move-in ready instead of a fixer upper. Personally, I’m not a fan of putting much money into a house you’re about to sell. It’s always the little things that matter.

#3 Curb Appeal! This is REALLY IMPORTANT! You can’t sell a house that people don’t want to see. The common rule, if the outside is bad then the inside is even worse! You always want a house to show well and also catch the eye of potential buyers. So little things like fresh mulch, power wash or spray the siding, paint if needed (usually around doors and windows) and weed in any and all flower beds.

#4. Your pets! I get you love your pets just as I love mine. My dog is like my 3rd child or soon to be 4th. However, some people aren’t fans of animals. Especially things like snakes and spiders lol. Ok, maybe that’s me. You can always have them in a kennel in the garage, or outside if it’s nice but you don’t want a dog barking through the entire showing!

#5. Your personal items! Personal items are always important to have. I think everyone has things that they love and cherish however that doesn’t mean you need to have a wall covered in family photos or clutter all over the counter, the bathroom, bedroom etc. When selling a house less is always more. Remember that!

#6 The Kitchen! This is a BIG Seller! If you don’t have a lot of cabinet or counter space that’s not really an issue but make sure you CLEAR IT OFF! Again, less is more. If you have so many things in the cabinets or on the counters and it’s bulging out or you don’t have any working space, guess what? The buyer will think this kitchen clearly ISN’T going to work for them. How could it when it doesn’t for you?

#7 Clean!   You want the home to be clean. The bathrooms, bedrooms, kitchen etc. You don’t want someone to come into the home think wow I wonder what it looks like when it’s not for sale. This will make them think that you don’t care or take care of the home.

#8 Always be ready for showings! You always want the home to be ready for a showing. Even though you ask for 24-hour notice there are a lot of times that the buyer just noticed the home and really wants to get in. You can’t sell what you can’t show! I know in some cases it’s not convenient at all. Really, I don’t think much about selling a house is. I’d say 90% of buyers who have a canceled appointment never make it back to see the house. At least that’s what I’ve noticed over the years.

#9 Price it right! I’m a fan of TOP DOLLAR! I mean really who isn’t, right? Other than a buyer of course. When you price your home you really do want it priced accordingly. An overpriced property will sit on the market for a longer period of time and even when you do a reduction, buyers see that and think well it’s been up for x amount of time so let’s offer even lower. You always want to know exactly how the market is and breakdown the difference. Besides, if the Realtor can’t tell you how they came up with the price, how in the world would they appeal it if the home doesn’t appraise?

#10 THE MOST IMPORTANT! Ok, I KNOW I said 9 things but I’m adding this one in. The most important is to HIRE a PROFESSIONAL REAL ESTATE AGENT! About 80%+ Realtors are part time or brand new to the business. 90% of Realtors are out of the business within 2 years of getting their license. I don’t know about you but if I were spending more MONEY than I’ll probably EVER spend in my life I’d want a professional. Someone that’s here today when I need them and here tomorrow, too. Not the agent that got their license and has a fulltime job other than real estate. Then in a year they’re gone. How in the WORLD can that person be knowledgeable about market conditions, financing options, strategy etc.? See, I personally don’t look at real estate as one transaction and done. I look at it as I’m your advisor for life and I’m here to help with any questions, even years to come.