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NWI Home Sales and Values March 2019 vs 2018

April 3rd, 2019 by Brent Wright

Home Sales in March of 2019 were rather strong in Northwest Indiana. The number of Residential properties sold in the MLS was down -8.76% in March of 2019 compared to 2018. I know this is a decline but that isn’t always a bad thing. There are a few factors to play into that role. A […]

Are open houses worth it?

March 22nd, 2019 by Brent Wright

Open House Pros and Cons for Selling Real Estate If you have a house that you’re thinking about selling I’m sure you are going to ask your Realtor if they do open houses. Here I’m going to talk about the pro’s and cons of having an open house done in your private home. I know […]

Chesterton Indiana Home Sales and Values 2018 Vs. 2017

March 13th, 2019 by Brent Wright

The Chesterton, IN Real Estate market is doing well right now. Here I’m going to be telling you about the current home values and sales in Chesterton, In comparing 2018 to 2017. In 2018 there was a slight increase in home sales of about 1.4% with 288 residential homes selling compared to 284 in 2017. […]

Valparaiso Indiana Home Sales and Values 2018 Vs. 2017

February 27th, 2019 by Brent Wright

Today I’m comparing the 2017 to 2018 Valparaiso, IN home values as well as home sales. Valparaiso has a very stable Real Estate market and is one of the largest markets in Northwest Indiana. In 2018 the amount of residential homes sold in Valparaiso was down .4% from 2017 with 1304 properties selling in 2018 […]

Crown Point, IN Home Values and Sales

February 22nd, 2019 by Brent Wright

Today I’m comparing the 2017 to 2018 Crown Point, IN home values as well as home sales. Crown Point has a very strong Real Estate market and is one of the largest markets in Northwest Indiana as a whole. In 2018 the amount of residential homes sold in Crown Point was up 3.82% from 2017 […]

What is my home worth?

February 8th, 2019 by Brent Wright

What is my home worth? Really the only way to get the right price is to have a Licensed Real Estate agent come and do a market analysis on your home. There’s a lot of places where you can get basic ideas on values but again, they’re just basic. They can’t distinguish between a home with […]

NWI Home Values and Sales Jan 2019 Vs 2018

February 6th, 2019 by Brent Wright

January 2019 vs 2018 Home Sales and Values Northwest Indiana Home sales have been extremely strong year after year. With that being said, are we starting to see it reverse or maybe just level off? One thing that really caught my eye was the number of Residential properties closed in the month of January. The […]

Stage your home!

January 29th, 2019 by Brent Wright

Should you stage your home before you sell? Hello, my name is Brent W. Wright and I’m a local Real Estate agent here in Northwest Indiana. I work with sellers every day and I’m here to help guide you in the right direction. I have clients ask me this question all the time. Should I […]

Portage IN Home Sales and Values

January 16th, 2019 by Brent Wright

Portage Indiana Real Estate Statistics 2018 Compared to 2017 So, 2018 was an amazing year for the Portage, IN real estate market. Home sales were extremely strong with 11.01% more homes sold in 2018 compared to 2017. Not only that but the average price per square foot was up 11.28% as well as homes sold 16.21% […]

Valparaiso, IN Home Values!

January 16th, 2019 by Brent Wright

  Valparaiso, IN Home Statistics 2018 vs. 2017 Home Values and Sales The Valparaiso, IN real estate market has been strong through 2018. Now the number of residential transactions closed in 2018 was down .45% overall but the home prices were up an average per square foot by 4.48%. Not only that but the average […]

9 Things to do when selling your home!

January 15th, 2019 by Brent Wright

Selling a home isn’t just throwing a sign up in the yard and putting it on the MLS “Multiple Listing Service“. There is some work on the sellers end to get the maximum dollar amount for the home. So here are 9 things to do when selling your home!     #1. Lighten up the […]

2017 vs. 2018 Northwest Indiana Home Values

January 4th, 2019 by Brent Wright

Northwest Indiana Home Sales and Values are rising! I know you hear about how the Real Estate market is hot. Today I’m going to talk to you about all Residential Real Estate sales in Northwest Indiana. I’ll be comparing the data from 2017 vs 2018. This way you can see exactly how the market is […]


December 6th, 2018 by Brent Wright

Choosing the Right Realtor for the Job! When you are looking to buy or sell a home you have a lot of decisions to make. Things like where I want to live, what price range am I comfortable with, commute times to work, friends, family etc.  Another big decision is going to be what Realtor […]

Should I buy a home now?

November 28th, 2018 by Brent Wright

Should you buy a home now? I hear people say to me that they’re going to wait to buy a house. I need to save money, or I have this or that going on. Honestly I really hear it all and I can definitely agree with some things. I look at home buying in 2 […]

First time Home Buyer!

October 29th, 2018 by Brent Wright

Buy a House with Little to No-Money Down! One thing I hear all the time is I don’t have enough money for a down payment. We’ll today I’m going to tell you how you can actually save a lot of money by buying a home with very little to no money down. Here in the […]

Search Portage, IN Homes for Sale!

October 14th, 2018 by Brent Wright

Portage Indiana offers a variety of homes for sale in a lot of different price ranges. There’s a lot of new construction homes for sale as well. No matter what you’re looking for this town will have something for you. Portage, IN is the large city in Porter County Indiana with easy access to US […]

SELLERS-Buyer’s are looking for houses!

October 5th, 2018 by Brent Wright

ATTENTION SELLERS! BUYER’s NEED HOMES FOR SALE!  I’m sure you are hearing people talking about how the Real Estate market is doing well and how homes are selling in days.  I’m here to tell you they’re right! The market is doing exceptionally well right now “IF”! YES, I SAID “IF” the House is move-in ready […]

Portage, IN Housing Market

August 27th, 2018 by Brent Wright

Portage Indiana Home Values January 1st – Oct 28th 2017 Vs 2018   Well, everything you have heard is completely true. The Real Estate market is doing exceptionally well right now. Home prices are rising, mainly because of the lack of inventory in the market place. Here I have some numbers for your, so you […]

New construction homes in Northwest Indiana

August 27th, 2018 by Brent Wright

    Tired of looking for a house and you’re thinking about building? That’s not a bad idea. My wife and I are going through it right now. So, you have a lot of options really. Here’s a list of things you really want to do. First: The first thing you really want to do […]

July 2018 Home Sales

August 8th, 2018 by Brent Wright

July 2018 Northwest Indiana Residential Home Sales Hey Everyone it’s your favorite Realtor here in Northwest Indiana just giving you a quick update with how the Real Estate market is looking. So I’m comparing July 2018 vs. July 2017 to give you an idea of how the market is currently compared to a year ago. […]

Northwest Indiana Home Prices Increase over 7.8% in 2018

April 22nd, 2018 by Brent Wright

This comparison is for January 1st – March 31st 2017 vs. 2018 Can you believe this? In the first 2 months of 2018 Northwest Indiana Home prices are up by 7.8% over the first 3 months of 2017. That’s a very large increase in the Real Estate market. That’s not the only thing. Homes are […]

Munster Home Values

March 5th, 2018 by Brent Wright

Munster, Indiana Home Values are up over 5% in 2018! You heard it right, Munster Indiana home values are up 5.07% in the first 2 months of 2018 over 2017! Not only that but homes are also selling 21.6% faster, with 33% more homes sold. Also, 27.27% of all homes sold in Munster Indiana are […]

St. John Home Values!

March 5th, 2018 by Brent Wright

2018 St. John Indiana Home Values!    The St. John Indiana Real Estate market has been doing well in the first 2 months of 2018 vs 2017. I’m here to give you some of the actual statistics that I know you’re wondering about. First off home prices are up 1.5% on a square footage basis. […]

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